10 Reasons Why The Dalai Lama is NOT a
Spiritual Leader
Reason 1:  The Dalai Lama cavorts with terrorists, Nazis,
Neo-Nazis, Convicted Serial Killers, Convicted Mass Murderers, Brutal
Dictators, Nazi Party Leaders, Hardened Criminals
Reason 2: The Dalai Lama countenances those Devotees,
members of his entourage and large donors of his who commit serious
violent crimes or other horrendous acts or are members of Nazi or
Neo-Nazi groups, or make public falsehoods and indulges them
Reason 3: The Dalai Lama was once the leader of a violent terrorist
organization and believes in living by the gun
Reason 5:  The Dalai Lama once presided over a Medieval Tibet with
Serfs and Slaves
Reason 10:  There are unresolved questions about whether the Dalai
Lama persecutes others for their religious beliefs and questions about his
Above is someone who uses the name, "Ocean of wisdom" (Dalai Lama). His devotees, politicians and movie celebrities
claim he is like a deity on Earth. But is it true?  You can decide for yourself. Below are 10 (of many) reasons why this
person is no spiritual or religious leader. Nor can this person teach you anything except possibly how to have more pain,
deceit, and misery--if you really need more pain and misery in your life. If you are a Dalai Lama devotee, you will
probably be scandalized at this last statement. However, if you read on, you will witness the evidence against this fake
monk for yourself. In reality, you can avoid more pain and misery if you learn to ignore the Dalai Lama. While this may
sound to some like a knee-jerk reaction to the Dalai Lama--it is not. Later, I will explain how the Dalai Lama brings
misery and how to bring greater peace to your life...by not following the Dalai Lama's example.
This is perhaps the most damning of all evidence against the Dalai Lama. However, the evidence is incontrovertible. Go
Heinrich Harrer                 Bruno Beger             Miguel Serrano                   Dalai Lama       Shoko Asahara
To the left, is a picture is of
Elisabeth Klein. She was
kidnapped, abused, tortured and
then murdered and mutilated by
one of the Dalai Lama's close
friends or devotees, who was
later convicted of this murder and
many others. She was murdered
because of her religion. The
Dalai Lama who says he is for
"peace, love, compassion"  
refuses to comment upon what
his devotees do, no matter how
despicable. Dalai Lama won't
comment either on the reason
she was murdered either. This is
the same Dalai Lama who denies
being a persecutor of other
religions besides his own religion.
For more information go to:  Bruno_Beger
Above is a scene of a massacre of American POW's perpetrated by an organization whose members include devotees
and friends of the Dalai Lama. This same organization would abuse American POW's, tie them to trees and use them
for target practice. When one of the Dalai Lama's devotees was confronted by this by the media, his response was:
" I will grin and bear it" .  The Dalai Lama in this case did comment and said to his devotee something to the effect:
"if it doesn't bother your conscience, then don't worry about it...just shrug it off". Spoken like a true "spiritual non-leader!
For more information go to:  Heinrich Harrer and go to:  Dalai Lama
Elisabeth Klein

Heinrich Harrer                 Bruno Beger             Miguel Serrano          Dalai Lama                Shoko Asahara
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Author's Comment: The question begged here is why? Why so many people who commit so much
violence come to the Dalai Lama as opposed to another "spiritual leader". Does the Dalai Lama try to set them on a
peaceful path? Despite the Dalai Lama merely talking about "peace" in conceptual terms, there is little or no evidence
that he does that would actualize that reality.

The answer must lie elsewhere. Many of his followers seem to think that the Dalai Lama can offer absolution of some
sort for them. Thus, terrorists and killers can still pursue their violent ways, but if the Dalai Lama smiles upon them, then
they are absolved of whatever they have done and can indulge in more violence.They think (and wrongly so) that the
Dalai Lama provides "enlightened consciousness" for them. So nice! according to this Dalai Lama dogma, you don't
have to do anything to change your life, nor curtail destructive behavior at all! You merely must be around the Dalai
Lama and if at all possible, give your Guru lots of cash!

Many of these type people have a legitimate fear that they will have to pay for their crimes in Death, if not in this Life that
they know. Thus, the Dalai Lama can provide (false) assurances that they "have nothing to fear" "if their conscience
doesn't bother them"  (See NY Times June 21, 1997). The reality is: they have much to fear if they continue their
violence, but the Dalai Lama does not help them by offering them Medieval type Indulgences for their criminal behavior.
Contact:  speaker2075@yahoo.com
Here are two pictures of the Dalai
Lama with his armed terrorist

The New York Times and the Los
Angeles Times exposed his
terrorist group.
October 2, 1998 NY Times Article
exposing the Dalai Lama's Terror Group
So much for the "compassionate" "loving"
"peaceful" Dalai Lama. There is nothing loving
or peaceful how someone shooting someone
with a gun, even if that someone doing the
killing is a Dalai Lama devotee!
                         "Let them eat Cake!"

There are two movies from Hollywood which are essentially Dalai Lama propaganda films. One shows the Nazis invited
into Tibet by the Lamas as misunderstood adventurers...kind of like Indiana Jone types. While the reality is that they
were members of a terrorist criminal organization which committed millions of atrocities and murders. The other showed
the Tibetan brutal treatment by the Lamas as almost a game. The reality is that it was Medieval torture including
severing of hands, feet and gouging of eyes for disobedient slaves and serfs.  

These movies cheering on the Dalai Lama are as believable as Luke Skywalker blowing up The Death Star
single-handedly. It is all fiction!. The Dalai Lama's Tibet was a very cruel theocracy with Masters (Lamas) and Slaves (
almost everyone else). The Dalai Lama's reaction to this Medieval Tibet with the extreme poverty and deprivation  and
hunger caused by the Lamas is almost like... Marie Antoinette saying:    "let them eat cake".

Tibet was once a Medieval state with barbaric tortures reserved mostly for serfs and slaves of the ruling Lama class.
Being such a ruler, the Dalai Lama, he is excluded from being considered a spiritual leader. Even the Nazis, friends of
the Lamas, who were invited into Tibet in 1938-39 remarked upon the brutality of the Tibetan regime. See the movie
filmed by the Nazis at that time:
"Geheimnis Tibet"
The cruelty that was Tibet under the Lamas is legion. Those who were not a Lama were doomed to serfdom or slavery.

See more details:
Dalai Lama
Reason 6:  The Dalai Lama (as well as many of his devotees) has
deluded himself to believing that the Dalai Lama is semi-Divine
Author's Comment: There is a temptation to say: "So What?" "If the Dalai Lama is deluded about being
some kind of deity, let him" . Maybe even a temptation to not fault the Guru (Dalai Lama) for the delusions of his
devotees. However, there is a danger here when the Master (Dalai Lama) and devotees start believing such nonsense.
HIstory has proven this again and again. A Divine and Semi-Divine being such as the Guru or Master (such as the Dalai
Lama) can never be wrong. Anyone who thinks so is a heretic and must be punished or so have religious fanatics
through the centuries have believed and acted. One only need to look at religious fanatic Jim Jones who convinced
almost a thousand of his devotees to commit mass suicide in Guyana in the late 1970's.  Even worse, just look at
another deluded religious Master, Osama Bin Laden. His devotees following Bin Laden version of religion, killed
thousands of civilians at the World Trade Center. Take also religious leader and Dalai Lama friend,
Shoko Asahara,
who poisoned thousands of people in the Tokyo Subway.

Any religious or spiritual leader who believes that he or she is more Divine than any other person will fall prey to
commiting atrocities because of his or her supposedly infallibility and Divinity. It is the spiritual leader's responsibility to
set devotees straight about his or her mortality and in the case of the Dalai Lama...that he is just another human being.

In Hollywood today, there is something what I call, the "Cultist Chique". There are those who believe that the Dalai Lama
controls some kind of force beyond the ordinary person. My answer is: "
Let the Farce be With You" until you realize
that thinking that the Dalai Lama or Osama Bin Laden have no power beyond what you give to them.

Some of the Dalai Lama's followers are impressed with what he says, for example about inner peace and love,
compassion, etc. In some of these cases, his followers understand these concepts much better than he. They attempt to
act out the positive...unlike The Dalai Lama who acts out the negative. They are able to ignore the fact that the Dalai
Lama only talks about inner peace, while doing something quite different. In other words, his followers are much more
advanced spiritually than the Dalai Lama himself. Thus, to reiterate, you don't need a Master or Guru to run your life.
You only need to look inside yourself for your inner self and inner strength and the answers to guide your life. Fake
Gurus like the Dalai Lama can only impede you and make your life more difficult. I suggest, walk away or even run from
the Dalai Lama.
Reason 7:  The Dalai Lama (and many of his devotees) repaying Evil
with Evil or Insult
Dalai Lama Main Page
To the far left above, SS Officer, and Dalai Lama devotee, Heinrich Harrer, with his Master, the Dalai Lama, "grining
and bearing it
" with regard to his role in The Holocaust.In the middle is a picture of Heinrich Harrer standing next to his
Master or Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler on Hitler's immediate left. On the far right above,  is a picture of Dalai Lama devotee,
Heinrich Harrer in his Nazi SS uniform that caused terror in Europe and Russia in the 1940's. Right of that is another
photo of Heinrich Harrer with his new Master, The Dalai Lama.
To the left is Dalai Lama devotee, Dr. Bruno Beger's good friend and Master, the Dalai Lama. In the middle above, is a
somewhat recent photo op with Bruno Beger and his Master, the Dalai Lama. To the right is Dr.Bruno Beger at his War
Crimes Trial where he was convicted of mass murder and mutilation. Chilean Nazi Chief, Miguel Serrano is also in this
photo op with his Master, The Dalai Lama
To the left is a meeting of Chilean
Nazi Chief, Miguel Serrano
meeting with his Master, The
Dalai Lama.

To the left is Chilean Nazi Chief
Miguel Serrano conducting a Nazi
To the left is a picture of alleged Nazi sympathizer and major Austrian
Jorg Haider meeting with his friend and Master, the Dalai Lama.
When Haider, died, the Dalai Lama sent gifts and an envoy to the funeral
Author's Comment:  The question is brought to bear here is again why?  Why would anyone
and especially a purported "spiritual leader" countenance horrendous acts committed by his followers or those who
claim to be his followers? First, for those who doubt the veracity of this claim, one only needs to check out the above
links to get an idea. The dalai lama simply won't comment in some situations. Take for example when some Buddhist
monks were immolating themselves, the Dalai Lama would not comment. He claims it is for political reasons. Does the
Dalai Lama really want more monks killing themselves? He won't speak out against Devotees who are mass murderers
either.Why not speak out? The Dalai Lama's silence is in essence a form of complicity with these crimes of his Devotees.

The Dalai Lama indulging serial killer,  major perpetrator of the Holocaust, and Hitler
and Dalai Lama devotee, Nazi SS Officer,
Dr. Bruno Beger:
In Nazi SS Officer, Dr. Bruno Beger's own words:

Gerald Lehner
:  (Asking Bruno Beger)  "Do you know the Dalai Lama personally?

Bruno Beger:       "Yes, I've met up with him several times in recent years. The last time was in
London together with Heinrich Harrer, that was an invitation from him."

Source: Zwischen Hitler und Himalaya: die Gedächtnislücken des Heinrich Harrer

See also for Source: http://www.westernshugdensociety.org/dalai-lama/dalai-lama-nazi-connections/
Author's Comment:  The Dalai Lama has never commented upon his good friend and devotee, Dr.
Bruno Beger. He has been good friends with him for many decades and a devotee. In the 1930's and 1940's, Adolph
Hitler was Bruno Beger's only Master and Beger joined Hitler's elite Nazi SS killers and became an officer heading up a
unit dedicated to mass murder of civilians. Some time after meeting the Dalai Lama in the 1930's, Beger  decided he
would serve two Masters, Adolph Hitler and The Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama had several major photo ops with Beger even wrote books about the Dalai Lama praising him and the
Dalai Lama published works by Beger on his own website, Tibet.com.  However, Dr. Bruno Beger is a convicted serial
killer and mass murderer who is his depravity mutilated those he murdered and planned to place the bones in a
museum in what Beger termed:
The Jewish Skull Collection. In this collection, Beger would abuse and murder men,
women, children and infants and deflesh them for their skulls.Dr. Bruno Beger is a major perpetrator of The Holocaust.
The Dalai Lama is completely silent about this. You would think that a spiritual leader and friend would say something
about these murders to his good friend and avid devotee and to the world about these hideous murders. But
no,...absolute silence. Maybe if the Dalai Lama had spoken earlier, maybe Beger would not have commited these
murders. Again, more tacit complicity with Beger's crimes by the Dalai Lama's silence.
The Dalai Lama indulging Nazi SS Officer and former Hitler Storm Trooper,
Heinrich Harrer.

" ...I'll just grin and bear it..." (What Dalai Lama life long friend and devotee,
Heinrich Harrer, officer in the Nazi SS said, when asked by
Stern magazine about his role in the Holocaust
The Dalai Lama indulging Dalai Lama devotee and Chief of the
Chilean Nazi Party, Miguel Serrano:

In another instance of indulging barbaric behavior of his disciples and his devotees, the Dalai Lama had become friends
Miguel Serrano and has had photo ops with him. Miguel Serrano was the head of the Chilean Nazi Party. The Dalai
Lama's influence apparently has had little or no effect on this hardened Nazi leader. The Dalai Lama has given no
indication of evening trying to influence Serrano away from a world of racial hatred.
Author's Comment:  n one case, The Dalai Lama did finally comment upon one of this devotee's
criminal behavior. When questioned about it he said he asked his devotee,
Heinrich Harrer, if (being a member and
officer of the Nazi SS and Nazi Storm Troopers for 12 years and having a photo op with
Adolph Hitler himself) bothered
his conscience. The former Nazi officer said it did not and he would "
grin and bear it". The Dalai Lama said essentially
that he had no fear and could forget and shrug it off. Is this the kind of "Spiritual Advice" from a "great spiritual leader"?  
Just shrug it off if your conscience doesn't bother you? Would the Dalai Lama say that to one today's terrorist groups
such as ISIS or Al Qaida? Would the Dalai Lama say to a 12 year member and officer of these groups: "just shrug it off if
your conscience doesn't bother you"? I believe that the FBI would have a different view of this as to be member of such
a group is considered a crime...especially a long term officer and member of Al Qaida. Recently, the FBI was looking into
a woman who just wanted to be a Medic for ISIS and was trying to go to Syria to sign up. The FBI arrested her. Harrer
would be arrested in this case and not be exonerated by Dalai Lama devotees who claim that they can't find proof that
Harrer actually participated in the many murders of his organization. It is unlikely that the Dalai Lama would also
"absolve" Harrer or indulge his criminal behavior as this would insult the one country which provides almost unlimited
material wealth to the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama's silence did not help the situation and Harrer even after leaving the
Nazi groups (when he was forced to by the Allies defeating Germany) he still visited his old Nazi pals.

So why the double standard with some of the Dalai Lama followers. That is, those who say just because The Dalai
Lamas good friend was an officer in two different terrorist groups is not a crime, but a woman who wants to become a
medic in just one terrorist group...that is a crime? That has to do with their delusion that the Dalai Lama is a deity. We
will discuss this more in detail later.
In Nazi Chief Miguel Serrano's own words:

"The Dalai Lama] invited me to go to Dharmasala where he lives now. We
had a very interesting talk. It is good to know that before Buddhism was
introduced in Tibet, Tibetans were a warrior' s race and their religion, the
Bon, used also the same swastika of Hitlerism. Until today the Intelligence
Services of England and United States have been unable to discover the
real mysterious links that existed between Tibet and Hitlerist Germany."

Interview with Miguel Serrano
The Dalai Lama indulging his devotee and good friend, alleged Nazi
sympathizer and major Austrian politician, Jorge Haider:
September 15, 1998 LA Times Article about the
Dalai Lama heading a Terrorist Organization
"The Tibetan court used to have close ties with the
Nazi regime, SS-expeditions were welcomed to Lhasa
with full mark of respect. To this day, His Holiness has
never distanced himself from these inglorious

Stern Magazine
Tilman Muller
See also:
All of these Nazi ties to the Dalai Lama should not be too surprising for as Stern Magazine said:
Author's Comment:  My encounters with The Dalai Lama's cult like devotees, have not been so good. I
see little difference between those Dalai Lama cult members that I have encountered and those of Jim Jones of Guyana
infamy or what Time Magazine termed, "
The Cult of Doom" whose Guru was Shoko Asahara--a man who set off
poisonous Sarin Gas in the Tokyo Subway. (incidentally a large donor and friend of the Dalai Lama). I am hoping that
they are not representative of all Dalai Lama devotees, but they may possibly be the majority of his supporters. Like the
vast majority of cult type people that I have met,  I have found most of them to be "Rude and Crude" probably because
they delude themselves about the Dalai Lama being some kind of deity and they are "God's Warriors",...not too many
steps away from the 19 hijackers in 2001 who felt the same way about their deity...Osama Bin Lama. Many of the Dalai
Lama's devotees have promoted one falsehood after another. I am hoping to demonstrate the TRUTH here by bringing
several forms of evidence to this website.

The Dalai Lama has a responsibility to set the record straight when his devotees present falsehoods...but he refuses.
The Dalai Lama has a responsibility to distance himself and set something about what his Nazi friends have done...but
he refuses. My guess is that many of those same Dalai Lama devotees would insist that Muslim leaders denounce the
19   9/11 hijackers and Osama Bin Laden, who claim that they attacked the World Trade Center for Islam. However,
when it comes to their "God"...the Dalai Lama...all of that is different. They apparently think, like most cultists, that their
Master, their God, The Dalai Lama is the one true God and that their Master is above reproach and never needs to
explain or apologize for anything.

The fact of the matter is that the Dalai Lama, being the spiritual leader that his devotees suggest, has great effect by his
silence about his devotees. The Dalai Lama's silence or even tepid disapproval, then seems to show that he accepts or
indulges his closest devotees who commit mass murder or their organizations which commit mass murder, and even
those devotees who spread falsehoods.
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Dalai Lama
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For any spiritual leader to have credibility outside of his(her) circle of devotees, that putative spiritual leader must not
exhibit hypocrisy. The Dalai Lama however, shows great amounts of hypocrisy. Let us look at just some examples:
The Dalai Lama talks about peace and compassion, but how peaceful is leading a terrorist group which assassinates
Reason 9:  The Dalai Lama cultists and the Dalai Lama apparently
believe in the concept of Martyrdom
It is obvious that the Dalai Lama believes in living by the gun. Perhaps he never heard the ancient proverb or dictum
about living by the sword and dying by the sword or in contemporary terms:

"Those who live by the gun, die by the gun"

Perhaps there is another ancient dictum the Dalai Lama needs to think about concerning the meek inheriting the Earth
or in more contemporary terms:

Unquestionably, the Dalai Lama needs to seek peaceful solutions and drop his violent associations and tendencies.
Violence only begets more violence.
The Dalai Lama is about to receive an award for being a spiritual leader. However, the record shows that he is not
worthy of such an award. Notwithstanding, there are some things that he says, that if combined with consistent actions,
could be beneficial to those even beyond his devotees. For example, he talks about love and compassion. If he were to
denounce hate and violence, and insult, especially among his devotees...this would be a major step forward. There
have been spiritual leaders who do just that, such as Martin Luther King. There was no hypocrisy with Dr. King as there
is with the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama needs to denounce the slavery which he presided over while ruler of Tibet. He
needs to comment upon those mentally disturbed individuals who are willing to martyr themselves. Silence on this is like
a tacit approval.

The Dalai Lama is not an evil man. However, he is a misguided and deluded man who believes his own press and what
his devotees say about him being somekind of Divine or Semi-Divine being. He needs to explain to his devotees that no
one is more Divine than anyone else, including him and that all men and all women are equal and deserve respect.
When he does give a solid example, he only talks about compassion for brutal dictators and Nazi sympathizers such as
Augusto Pinochet (why is the Dalai Lama so fascinated with Nazis and violence and seems to emjoy the company of
Nazis?). Amazing! of all the people in the world who need compassion, The Dalai Lama only chooses Augusto Pinochet,
The Butcher of Chile. What about compassion for all the victims of his devotee and good friend, Dr. Bruno Beger? Not a
word of compassion for them from the Dalai Lama--some "spiritual leader" he is!
"Those who seek peaceful solutions
will endure while those who seek
violent solutions will not endure"
Somewhere along the line, The Dalai Lama, (and probably many of his Devotees) have forgotten again, another ancient
proverb or dictum:

"Do not repay Evil with Evil or Insult"
The concept of repaying evil with evil or with insult...is  a bad idea for all practical purposes. Some religions codify this
above precept and will reinforce it stating, in effect, that you insult God when you insult anoter person or do evil to
that person, even if that person has done evil to you.
Using a gun, like the Dalai Lama, is not the answer to life's problems. Love and compassion is the answer. The Dalai
Lama talks about love, but uses guns to get his way. This is no way! The way of peace is the only way!
There have been a rash of self-immolations from monks who say that they want the return of the Dalai Lama. Oddly,
there has been no strong condemnation of these burnings by the Dalai Lama. He could tell his devotees that this is
wrong, but doesn't. Why? Does the Dalai Lama want these self-immolations to continue? The Dalai Lama's lack of
condemnation is like a green light for more self-immolations. Any purported spiritual leader who indulges martyrdom
among his devotees, such as the Dalai Lama, is no true spiritual leader. See link below (CNN May 12, 2014) where Dalai
Lama refuses to answer any question about people burning themselves up in his name. Recently, when asked by John
Oliver on "Last Week with John Oliver" on March 5, 2017, The Dalai Lama gave a different answer and said he can't say
anything because those people would be dying in vain and it would be bad for the families.

"...The Dalai Lama's silence seems to show he
accepts or indulges or even condones mass murder
perpetrated by his closest Devotees..."
Anyone contributing money to the Dalai Lama should take a close look at the information in the links below
In contemporary terms this is understood that one does not escalate a bad situation when other options are available.
The Dalai Lama does not understand this as he formed his own terrorist group aimed at assassinating Chinese. What is
unbelievable to me is that some of his Devotees have contacted me (after I exposed the Dalai Lama) and first insisted I
made up this story, until they were confronted with the truth from the LA Times and NY Times. His Devotees then
insisted that their Master (Dalai Lama) had a right to do this as he was fighting for "freedom" for Tibet and the Chinese
were bad. This is very bad thinking. First of all, The Dalai Lama does not fight for anyone's freedome except his own
and the freedom for him to soak unsuspecting Devotees of their money to listen to him at high priced events. Secondly,
to think of an entire people (Chinese ) (or any people for that matter )as wicked is in terms of greater reality...absolutely
false and can have dire consequences in terms of laying the groundwork for unnecessary wars.

The Dalai Lama's Devotees that I have encountered seem less interested in spirituality and more interested in flinging
insults and me and others who dare to question the fallibility of their Deity--"His Holiness" , The Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama could put a stop to the insults hurled by his Devotees with just a word, but again he is silent and thus it
appears he indulges and accepts and perhaps tacitly approves of their untowardly behavior.
Reason 8: The Dalai Lama (and many of his Devotees) believe
that The Ends Justify The (using of an Evil) Means
Perhaps the worst propagation of Evil is to use Evil to combat Evil. There is no better way than to continue for centuries
and eons and millenia Evil after Evil by seeking to use Evil against Evil The only way to combat Evil is with Good. Not just
abstract terminology, but rather seeking those ways to engage people who may have bad intents. Dictators such as
Caesar, Stalin, Asahara, Bin Laden have tried this out and saw using Evil does not work. The Dalai Lama formed his
terrorist group figuring that using Evil (assassinating Chinese) is a way to promote good, peace etc. in Tibet. It obviously
did not work and cannot work without dire consequences. There are no exceptions.

It is a paricularly volatile cocktail that the Dalai Lama mixes when he believes that the Ends Justify the Means together
with his Devotees view that the Dalai Lama is a Deity who is infallible and anything done is "His Holiness's", no matter
how brutal or horrific, must be the will of God. This is just how other spiritual fakes, like Osama Bin Laden get their
Devotees to carry out mass murder as well.
The Dalai Lama using his "Hollywood" power to get Devotees and others to attend his speaking events. The Dalai
Lama sometimes charges several thousands of dollars just to sit there! There is another ancient dictum that the Dalai
Lama needs to review:
"The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil"
..."The Dalai Lama is in silent
complicity with at least two of
his closest Devotees who are
perpetrators of The Holocaust
Using the Dalai Lama quote: "honest and open conversations eliminate hate". This quote makes sense, but the Dalai
Lama does not follow this. The Dalai Lama has not be open nor honest about some of his closest friends and devotees.
These particular devotees were perpetrators of The Holocaust and the Dalai Lama has been silent about it and thus in
complicity with their heinous crimes. Instead, he honored and praised these war criminals.
What the Dalai Lama does not realize is that active love is the only true way to change the world for the better.
Pretending that his friends and devotees have no worries about being of organizations perpetrating the Holocaust is
NOT love for them or for anyone. It shows in the best case scenario that the Dalai Lama just doesn't give a darn about
those civilians and American POW's murdered in cold blood by his devotees. In the worst case scenario, it shows that
the Dalai Lama likely approves of those cold blooded murders by his Devotees.
"Let the Farce Be With You!"
Dalai Lama's Nazi Tibet
Is The Dalai Lama inspiring "The Islamic State" (ISIS)?
From Russia with Love: The Bromance between Putin and Trump
Is Donald Trump too Evil for Julius Caesar?
Putin Dream of Poisoning Americans
To the left is (indicted mass murderer, Augusto
Pinochet, (fake monk)Dalai Lama, (convicted
serial killer), Dr. Bruno Beger, (fake monk) Dalai
Lama, (convicted mass murderer) Shoko Asahara.
These are all good friends and/or devotees of The
Dalai Lama.