Mission Statement
1.  The Universe was created (and is being created) by a Being of  infinite
intelligence, infinite goodness, and infinite power of which we are all an
Eternal  part of, and we are all (and always will be) Brothers and Sisters

2.Love is the basis of ALL Realities
The Basic Principles of The Universe
Remember: There is always HOPE!!
The American Lung Association says that Marijuana may cause cancer
1/14/20 USA article on poisonous vapes being sold by legal dispensaries
American Lung Association suggesting that Second Hand Smoke contains many of the same
toxins found in First Hand Smoking of Marijuana 
On 8/5/20, the American Heart Association says that Marijuana Smoke may hurt the heart
CDC warns against using vape products
On 9/10/20 CNN :Marijuana in pregnancy could mean more likely to have child with Autism
Corona Virus risk increased with Marijuana according to People Magazine of  9/13/20
California, (where weed is legal) says Marijuana is a cause of Cancer.
Teen Use of Marijuana makes a comeback in legal states according to US News 8/18/20
Harvard Medical School on 6-5-18 says that 2nd Hand Smoke of Marijuana is bad for children
The United States Surgeon General advises against the use of Marijuana
CNN says on August 20,2020, just one joint of Marijuana can cause psychiatric problems
Is Marijuana Smoke/Vape dangerous for pregnant Women?
Can legalizing Marijuana cause a comeback of teen smoking?  
Can inhaling Marijuana smoke cause psychiatric problems?
AAA says that Marijuana related traffic accidents have increased in states where
Marijuana has been legalized
On May 18, 2018, NBC News claimed International Cartels were taking
advantage of legalized Marijuana to set up shop in those states
On 2-18-19 the Los Angeles Times reported that the Governor of California
called out the National Guard to stop the spiking illegal Marijuana market
On 8/24/20,Arizona's KVOA TV speaks about the greater chance of contracting
COVID-19 by using Marijuana
On  1/14/20 USA Today reported 1 in 6 tainted vapes came from legal dispensaries
Could Marijuana adversely affect the Heart?
Could Marijuana (including Medical Marijuana) Second Hand Smoke/Vape
adversely affect people especially children?
Are there tens of hundreds of thousands imprisoned for long periods in US
prisons...for simple, small, first time only possession of solely a pot charge?
There is very little, if any data,showing this to be true. Moreover, in some states, simple
possession of Marijuana is not a criminal matter at all, and only a small fine.
Could legalizing Marijuana increase Racism in this country?
If one looks at racism, it focused by fear and driven by hatred. But what can be
more hateful than smoking marijuana in front of children, or vulnerable populations     
(Read More for a more in depth discussion of Ending Racism)
Are Vaping materials from legal dispensaries safer?
July 14, 2019 Illinois SJR Article speaking about permitted smoking of
marijuana is public places such as restaurants
Do Laws forbidding smoking of tobacco or Marijuana protect the public
especially children from Marijuana smoke or Tobacco Smoke?
The short answer is no, they do not. Anti-Marijuana smoke laws can be ignored or weakly
enforced. In some states, there is a movement to end such protective laws.In some states
the penalty for smoking in public is, if enforced at all, it is usually a small fine.
Now, There are adults who say that smoking Marijuana is their choice. Marijuana
may not affect some of people adversely. However, a ban on smoking is not meant
so much to protect smokers as it is to protect the
vulnerable from those who
Vape from their Marijuana Second and Third Hand Smoke. The vulnerable include
the elderly, the sick, those with lung or heart problems, those with asthma or other
respiratory ailments. The vulnerable also include young children, babies, unborn
babies and pregnant mothers to be. People can be part of the Cult of Denial but
one cannot deny that
41,000 people a year in the US die from Second Hand
tobacco smoke according to the CDC and 7 Million world wide die from Tobacco
Smoke.  But Marijuana has a similar toxin profile as tobacco, which also contains
Cyanide as well as other toxins.  Thus children need to be protected
from Second Hand Marijuana smoke and Vape, as well. They also need protection
from the COVID-19 virus that can be projected (almost 30 feet) by a smoker, if
they have the virus. To protect the public and children from Marijuana smokers
whose smoke inhaled by children, we need strong protective laws. A law
prohibiting someone from smoking near a child is only as good as its enforcement.
With only small fines or no fines for such careless smoking, our children are not
being protected from Marijuana legalization. While not all children may be hurt by
Second Hand Smoke, some will be hurt or worse. Should we really play  Russian
Roulette with our children's lives??
Can Marijuana contribute to psychosis ?
According to  Lancet Psychiatry it could :
THC (from Marijuana) Harmful in even low dosages?
What Doctors & Medical Associations  say about Marijuana & Vaping Smoke?
Is Vaping safer than combusting or lighting up Marijuana?
Can smoking/vaping become a  Super-Spreader event for COVID-19?
Can Marijuana increase the number of traffic deaths in States which have legalized Marijuana?
Does the legalization of Marijuana expand the illicit market of Marijuana?
See this National Institute on Drug Abuse Article
Are our forests & waters being poisoned by the growing of Marijuana?
See this November 12, 2019 Article by NPR
Modern Weed often laced with Heavy Metals & Fungus according to 3-23-15 Smithsonian Magazine
Does legalizing Marijuana bring in large amounts of cash or just more problems?
The reports of how much money is brought in by taxes on Marijuana,
may be deceptive.
Could Marijuana Smoke/Vape Cause Cancer?
Read More... About Marijuana Smoking becoming a Spreader Event for COVID-19
However, contrary to what some politicians are saying: we see scientific tests saying
that  in this World Wide Pandemic, that Smoking and Vaping can  actually be dangerous
and not just because of the harmful toxins associated with vaping and smoking
Marijuana. It is also because maskless smokers could be Super Spreaders spraying (up
to 30 feet)
 COVID-19 to other people who do NOT smoke nor Vape Marijuana!
We were then told by some leading politicians that everything was just fine and recovery
was just around the corner. We were told to just  ignore predictions of a Pandemic. We
were even told that by some leading politicians, that nothing could be now done, or could
have been done. We found then these predictions were correct about a Pandemic. We
saw  and over
2 Million Deaths world wide due to COVID-19, and almost 375,000 new
American COVID-19 cases almost every day;almost 25 Million COVID-19 American cases,
with almost 4,000 of them dying each day in America and over 200,000 hospitalized
Americans, and almost 700,000 American deaths!--Some recovery this is!
I am not opposed to decriminalization, legalization and commercialization of Marijuana,
but politicians and Marijuana advocates
need to have a very strong plan to protect
young children, the elderly, babies, pregnant women and other vulnerable populations
from the possible severe consequences of  legalization of Marijuana, including the
spreading of COVID-19 by those who smoke or vape Marijuana.
CDC Official Sounded Alarm on COVID-19 Virus, Months ago.She was silenced
On October 25, 2020, CNN Announces on the Jake Tapper Show, that the CDC
sounded the Alarm on the COVID-19 Virus, but Officials in the Government
Scientific Tests have also shown that you don't have to smoke nor vape to be weakened
to fall prey to COVID-19 by Second and Third Marijuana smoke  which contain toxins that
make people more vulnerable to COVID-19
(Read More...)
Some politicians  seem to claim, that smoking problems can be taken care of by No Smoking
Area Laws. Do you ever hear them talk about the efficacy or effectiveness of such laws?
(some of which are almost never enforced, if enforced at all!). Some of these politicians are
same ones who claim that they have a great health plan, but no one has ever seen it!
In this website, assertions will be made about the dangers of Marijuana to children and
the elderly. Each claim will be paired with hyperlinks to mostly medical organizations,
backing up any claim. Some politicians are honest but are misinformed about the
possible dangers of legalization. Some politicians are dishonest and will not tell you the
truth about the possible dangers of legalization. It will be up to you whom you trust about
your health and your children's health: politicians or medical associations and yourself. It
will be up to you, the reader, not to be fooled again by politicians.
COVID-19 Spreads  far by Maskless Marijuana  and Vape smokers
Is Marijuana Addictive?
Ineffective promises by politicians to protect children from Marijuana
Some leading politicians said  we are rounding the corner on COVID-19
but they are grossly understating the seriousness of this Pandemic
Politicians trying to grossly understate the serious risks of legalizing &
commercializing Marijuana & the tendency of its Smoke to spread COVID-19
1st, 2nd & 3rdHand Marijuana Smoke weakens you to fall prey to COVID-19
As discussed earlier, smokers and vapers can spread the COVID-19 virus
almost 30 feet away because of how Marijuana is vaped and smoked.
Some of the leading politicians suppressing the warning knew about how deadly the
COVID-19 could be, and they admitted this back in January 2020,but nevertheless told
the public that this was all a hoax. According to some studies, the suppression of such
warning and resulting
lack of preparation, and false sense of security, may have led
to many tens of thousands of deaths from COVID-19, that might have been prevented.
In  February 2020, a strong warning from the CDC warned the public that a Pandemic was
coming,and we, as a Nation,needed to prepare. That warning was dealt with by:

suppression of the warning
by some leading politicians.
But is this true?  Are we to believe politicians over physicians and medical organizations
that warn us of the danger of Marijuana to children, babies, the elderly, pregnant women
and their unborn babies and other vulnerable populations?
In addition to this Pandemic, a new Pandemic is forming.  This time in the form of legalization
and commercialization of
drugs, such as Marijuana,which could be dangerous to the public
by its toxic profile and because of smokers' ability to use it as a Super-Spreader of
COVID-19, (Almost 30 feet spread from the smoker). Do we listen to some politicians again,
and have a
lack of preparation and a false sense of security as was suggested for the
First Pandemic? Some politicians are trying to sell to you how safe Marijuana is, despite the
similar toxin profile to cigarettes.  They might tell you that legalizing drugs will eliminate
racism. They might also say how well protected the public is from Marijuana and that there
will be the almost obscene amounts of money from Marijuana sales.  
Should we ignore the literal mass incarceration of people (mostly children) into hospital beds
from Vaping Marijuana problems? Do we ignore sometimes serious psychiatric, addictive,
lung, heart, autism problems encountered by often with children dealing with1st, 2nd or 3rd
Hand Marijuana Vape or Smoke, which contains most of the toxins found in cigarettes?
Worse than that, some of these leading politicians, as of 10/2020,are insisting that the
Pandemic is at an end and that they had a hand in ending it. This startling assertion
despite the spiking of COVID-19 cases and deaths, and while hospitals are nearing
full capacity because of the Pandemic. This comes at the same time that some
leading politicians are bragging  and saying something like: "getting our country back
from the doctors". There are even leading politicians unbelievably claiming that
doctors are
making up deaths from COVID-19... for extra money!
Should politicians be promoting Marijuana  COVID-19 Super Spreader Events
in a Pandemic near Seniors, Children and Babies?
Racism, Bigotry, Hatred & Fear are topics explored  & possible solutions provided in my books:       
Angel Justice and also the book,  Secret of Life  However, nowhere is it
even remotely suggested that legalization of all hard drugs or Marijuana could achieve this. In
fact, there is a chance that legalizing Marijuana could actually
increase the incidence of racism.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that COVID-19 could be an especially
serious threat to those smoking or vaping tobacco or Marijuana
Leading Politicians now claiming that notwithstanding all the vast number of COVID-19
deaths and cases, that the Pandemic is over and that  the leading politicians ended it!
Very strong plans to protect young children must exist before legalizing of Marijuana
Physicians know more about health than politicians
Does "Medical Marijuana" grown at home, contain Arsenic from pesticides?
 Read More
Is your child protected from a smoker/vaper whose
smoke/vapor contains illegal Marijuana laced with toxins?
Marijuana grown illegally may contain insecticides and other poisons such as
Carbofuran, or Myclobutynyl, which can be highly toxic. Some times, Marijuana grown at
home, may contain
Arsenic from run-off from insecticides or poison aimed at ants or
rats. Find out more:
Political Leader--Fake or God?
Read More... by clicking Here
Are you a follower or Devotee of a Cult or Personality Cult, or the Cult of Denial?
Do you believe that COVID-19 is a hoax because a high public official said
so...without any proof? Or that Marijuana is a joy and safe for everyone. See what
happened when someone defied the Cult of Denial and tries to tell the Truth!
Could Decriminalization of Marijuana lead to more Addiction and for
harder drugs to be decriminalized
For example, it has a Master who has Devotees who have connections to Nazis of the
Hitler Era, violent Terrorists, Mass Murderers, Serial Killers, Torturers and Executioners
of many American  P.O.W's (whose hands literally tied); Convicted Nazi War
Criminals,and to architects of the Holocaust.  Some will want to emulate the Master, while
falsely believing that the Master's actions and those of his Devotees are sanctified and
beyond reproach. But do you really want to sanctify Nazis and Nazi Atrocities and those
who execute American P.O.W.'s?
If you see something of your own Master or Politician or yourself, and don't like what
you see...change it! You might consider what great people have said in the past such
as Love you neighbor as Yourself.  Or what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said about using
Love to drive out Hatred. You then may decide to learn to
trust yourself more than
Masters, Poltical Leaders, and Cultists.
Cults, Marijuana and COVID-19
Is your Master willing to tell you any lie, but you will accept uncritically anything he/she
says because he/she is the Master of your Cult or Party? Is your Master out for Revenge?
Or does he emphasize his or The Cults alleged victimization? Does he traffic in
Conspiracy Theories?Does your Master praise Martyrdom and invoke God as: "God (is)
with us" as Hitler used to do?  Do you feel encouraged to make any "Devil's Deal" to
benefit your Cult, Party, or Master? Do you feel that your Master has relieved you of any
conscience? You can believe uncritically every lie or half-truth coming from
your Master
either out of ignorance, fear, greed or laziness... But,The Truth is that
No  one
person is powerful enough to
relieve you of the full consequences of conscience.
You may think that you being a member of a Cult is silly and laughable, and you are
above such nonsense, but  you may belong to a Political Party or lavish enormous
unconditional praise upon the leader of some Movement or Party or sometimes larger than
life, Personality.  You may listen to your Party or Political leader to the exclusion of all
else. Your Master  may have some of the characteristics named here, but perhaps wears
a suit and tie. You may not call your leader, Master, but he/she may nevertheless be your
Master in substance and fact. You may listen to no one else but your Master about how
allegedly safe  and non-addictive Marijuana is for all people or that COVID -19  and Global
Warming are hoaxes...unless,of course,you or your family suffers from COVID-19 or
Marijuana addiction or its side effects.
Once you have started giving up your integrity to slavishly follow some Political Leader,
Religious  Leader, or some Cult or the Cult of Denial, there may no end to it. Worse, yet,
an example could be set for other Cults, besides your Cult or Party to show the worst
aspects of humanity sanctified by a Master.
Below, is such an alleged Cult, one of many. It is pointed out because it is an alleged Cult
that so admired by American Political figures and Hollywood stars. Because this
Master/alleged Cult is praised by American Politicians,the world perhaps sets its standards
by it accordingly. That is, whatever is considered bad for this alleged Cult, it is now
acceptable and "normal". However, this alleged Cult contains some unconscionable aspects.
Do you get furiously angry at anyone who disagrees with you, or your Master, or your
Cult or Political Party, that you can only feel hatred toward those who disagree? Does
your Master (Politician) tell you how to think? Does he promote paranoia in you and your
Cult? And tell you not to trust yourself, but rather your Master? Does he do this to the
point that your own value of yourself dwindles to nothing and your focus on corruption
leads to not to believe in the basic good intents of Man? Does he/she tell you what is
moral and what is immoral and you are told to believe it, and are told to act upon it,
despite your own feelings to the contrary? Is your Master OK with violence of word or
deed against those who don't accept the dogma or doctrine of your Master, or his Racial
Doctrine or his Party line, or his Cult? Some Devotees are willing to throw their lives
away  and die for their Master...Are you? Does your Master punctuate his hate speech
with empty  inferences to Freedom (from responsibility),Liberty (to violate another),
Peace and even God, but only if you are a good servant to your Master or Guru.
Are you  a follower of a Cult, a Cult of Personality, a Political or Religious Cult or
some other False Prophet? A Movement, or  of the Cult of Denial, with a Master (of
Deceit) who may be a major politician? There are many Cults where The
("omniscient") Master might tell you things like Marijuana is safe for everyone, or
another ("omnipotent") Master might say: face masks and social distancing don't
help with COVID-19 protection, or another ("infallible") Master might say that Global
Warming  or COVID-19 are all hoaxes. Do you listen anxiously to such people?
Conscience is God's presence in Man(Woman).. No Master nor person can ever
blot out one's conscience without blotting out God...and that is impossible.
One can pretend to do harm or violate another is OK with your Cult or Master. You may
even think you are creating greater good by your deeds, such as the legalization of
Marijuana. But with each such violation, your conscience becomes more and tainted until
one can't see the good you allegedly doing as any different than the "bad" you fight.  
Every act of violence or insult or lie disparagement of another, used to promote
your cause, say Marijuana Legalization, makes your cause that more
No act of violence nor insult can be justified because you allege someone else is
insulting or violent. No violence can be justified out of desperation, because only mass
actions count. Everything you do is important, and changes the world accordingly,
despite what your Master may say.
You may decide to engage in anonymous impugning or disparagement of another in
hopes that your Master will look with favor upon you. You may even get a sardonic,
perverse joy from it. But, it is an
unHoly practice which will stain your conscience and in
the end... bring only sorrow to you. Remember...those who get legalization by foul
behavior as just as likely to lose it by foul behavior.
Marijuana Reparations
Could Marijuana Legalization stop Global Warming Reform?
What is the Plan to protect vulnerable
populations including young children from Marijuana?
h 1-11-2 Article from CNN showing that there are toxins in Marijuanal
NIH 7-2-20says there is a correlation between concentration of THC in the blood and impaired
The cells are not inferior as far as you are concerned, even
though they form part of the structure of your physical being.
They are not even less conscious. They are conscious in a
different fashion. There is no need to 'romanticize' them, or to
think of them as little people, but each of them possesses a
highly focused consciousness, and a consciousness of self. You
like to think--again- -that only your own species possesses an
awareness of its own selfhood. There are different kinds of
selfhood, and an infinite variety of ways to experience
As an example, it appears to you that animals do not reflect
upon their own reality. Certainly it seems that a cell has no
'objective' knowledge of its own being: as if it is without knowing
what it is, or without appreciation of its own isness. You are quite
wrong in such deductions. Nor are there necessarily gradations
in which one kind of consciousness progresses in rigid terms
from a lower to a higher state. Any cell has practical use of
precognitive abilities, for example, that quite escape you, yet
many of you assign such abilities to 'higher' souls. Each kind of
life has its own qualities that cannot be compared with those of
others, and that often cannot be communicated."