The Secret of Life
The above book is entitled Angel Justice Click
"Angel Justice" to go to Amazon.com to
purchase a copy)

(ISBN #  978-0-557-00589-5).  This book
shows the amazing power of intuition and belief
in oneself. The book is a novel, but based upon
a true story.
The above picture is of Brother Paul from the
book, Angel Justice.
Brother Paul brought Inspiration,Hope and
Courage in the Angel Justice story.

The above book is entitled:

The Secret of Life (Click "The Secret of Life"
to go to Amazon.com to purchase a copy)
ISBN-13:      978-0-557-0079-1
or ISBN-10:   0557007690)

Secret of Life is thoroughly dedicated to
promoting Brotherhood and personal power
through love and understanding of yourself,  
your world and the world you live in. This book
also shows the power of intuition and belief.
While this book is a novel, it is based upon true
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Self- Protection

The Secret of Life is offering a seminar-presentation for "Self-Protection"
against violence and against scams. Using the principles from the Book,
Secret of Life
, an innovative presentation demonstrates the possibilities of
increasing the odds of protecting yourself, without using violence yourself.

It is far more than just superficial "tips" and "tricks" that many other programs
promote. It is also non-violent and does not require the kind of physical ability
that other programs demand of a person to avoid violence.

Below are just some of the favorable evaluations of this program.

“Enjoyed this approach to protection—not being
physical. Sorry to see more people not taking advantage
of this type of concept to protection.

 “Interesting-how to think of ways out of a situation”

 “Beneficial to help oneself to anticipate and therefore be
more prepared for self-protection.”
 “New ideas, fresh approach”

 “Intend to share whole thing with my daughter with
other women. Will think about the whole thing it terms     
of my own life”

     If your group or organization is interested in having this presentation,
please use the contact information below
Have you lived before?  Will you live again?  Is
there life after death?  Can you have intimate
contact with your inner self and your greater
self? Do you have the ability to create your
reality better? Can wars be prevented? Can
you be safe in your world from violence?  
Questions such as these are tackled in this
book. Read it now!
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Have you ever heard of SETH? or Jane Roberts? or

Seth Speaks?;  The Nature of Personal Reality?

The "Seth" books parallel to some degree the concepts found in the
Secret of Life and Angel Justice and were developed independently at
around the same time as these books were published.

This website offers FREE online SETH classes. Just email the website