The above picture  of Brother Paul from the book, entitled Angel Justice
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(ISBN #  978-0-557-00589-5).  This book shows the amazing power of
intuition and belief in oneself.

Angel Justice takes one through the years before World War II and then
beyond. It shows just how wars, private and world wars, could have been

Angel Justice delves into the symbolism behind religion and can help you how  
to actualize more positive realities.

The above book is entitled:

The Secret of Life (Click "The Secret of Life" to go to to purchase a
ISBN-13:      978-0-557-0079-1
or ISBN-10:   0557007690)

Secret of Life is thoroughly dedicated to promoting Brotherhood and personal
power through love and understanding of yourself,  your world and the world you live
in. This book also shows the power of intuition and belief.

The powerful concepts in this book show how peace and equality in your life and in
the world that you know is possible and within your grasp.

The Secret of Life explores political and psychological methods of changing the social
and political landscape in ways never given serious consideration before.

The concepts of the Secret of Life if utilized correctly may be able to give each person
a greater sense of protection in their world.
The Secret of Life
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(For qualified students) in different subjects including:

The Inner Senses

Reincarnation: Have you lived before?  Will you live again? How can you find

Self Protection against scams and violence (based upon the concepts of Angel
Justice and The Secret of Life.

Global Climate Change and Brotherhood
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Lecture Series
Lectures based upon the above books including the
following topics:

Creating peace in your life and in the world

Does God exist?...and why should we care?

Using the Inner Senses to better your relationships and
provide protection and find the greater self of you.
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“Enjoyed this approach to protection—not being
physical. Sorry to see more people not taking advantage
of this type of concept to protection.

“Interesting-how to think of ways out of a situation”

“Beneficial to help oneself to anticipate and therefore be
more prepared for self-protection.”

“New ideas, fresh approach”

“Intend to share whole thing with my daughter with other
women. Will think about the whole thing it terms     of my
own life”
Below, are what some lecture attendees have said about the use of the methods and
concepts based upon the concepts in the books, Angel Justice   and The Secret of Life in
order to gain greater self protection
                    Mission Statement
The Secret of Life Website is dedicated to the promotion of Brotherhood across the
planet. The books and lectures on this website are designed bring out peace and equality on
the planet. This is a concept that has been longed for by the planet, and can be actualized.

Combating Terrorism, War and Violence
Does Intuition exist? Can we increase our intuition? Can intuition be
used to promote better relationships, and offer better protection
against violence, emotional and physical? Can intuition be used to
unlock pathways to our greater selves?

Angel Justice is a novel based upon a true story about a person who
was able to use dreams and intuition to an extreme degree to gain
justice in the State Supreme Court against corrupt judges and
lawyers and those willing to kill to gain their way. The story is backed
up by true copies of documents from Supreme Court, Appellate Court,
Law Enforcement, and other Government documents

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Investigative Report about the Dalai Lama and his
ties to the Nazi SS and Neo-Nazis below
The shocking connections between The Dalai Lama
and Hitler's Nazi SS, Nazi Stormtroopers,
Neo-Nazis, convicted serial killers, convicted mass
murderers, and violent terrorists and criminals

Loren Christian
Hitler and The Dalai Lama
The book below is available only online and it is free
to those who are members of an online class
concerning the Dalai Lama offered by this website.
Hitler and The Dalai Lama...The
The "C" Files
Shortly this site will be publishing the "C" Files.
These are the actual (redacted) State, District,
Appeals Court, Federal Court, Law
Enforcement documents forming the basis of
Angel Justice.

Angel Justice is a novel and a work of fiction
taking place circa World War 2. However,
these files for the basis for this novel. The novel
shows the amazing and almost magical power
and wisdom of the Inner Self of each and every
Chapter 3:  The Boat Abduction: One
day prior to the stabbing
Links to The "C" Files are below:
Upcoming Books:
The Dalai Lama and the Palace of the Living Skulls
The Dalai Lama and the Cult of Doom
The Dalai Lama and the Temple of Nazis
Chapter 6: The Stabbing (Part 1) (Sheriff's Report)
Chapter 9: The Incarceration of the perpetrator.
Also the Autopsy Report of Gunshot to the
head of the gun and knife wielding College
Professor at a later time
Chapter 12: 20 Billion Dollar Default  
against Drunken Lawyer
Chapter 7: The Stabbing (Part 2)
Chapter 12: Court Decision Part 1
Chapter 13: Court Decision Part 2
Chapter 13: Drunken Lawyer Affair:
Chapter 8: Hospital Report of Stabbing
14 Sheriff's Deputies, Local Police and State Police
respond with service revolvers drawn to the stabbing of a
college professor by another college professor who had
earlier bought an illegal gun on Easter Sunday at a gas
station, and had also initiated a minor rampage on the
Campus where she taught.
One day prior to the stabbing, the perpetrator tried to
steal a boat to take up the hill to the hospital for her to
see a psychiatrist. She was taken into custody by police
and then later released.
Third Party sues Lawyer in this case, for an incredible 20 Billion
Dollars. Lawyer Defaults for the 20 Billion Dollars and attempts to
overturn Default by claiming he was too drunk to know what was
going on.
Drunken Lawyer who was sued for 20 Billion Dollars has his own
lawyer make an affidavit claiming that his client lawyer was often
drunk and passed out drunk in his law office.
Pro-Se Plaintiff (person stabbed in the back) obtains Court Decision
vacating earlier dismissal order based upon drunkenness of lawyer