The above picture  of Brother Paul from the book, entitled Angel Justice
Click "Angel Justice" to go to Amazon.com to purchase a copy)

(ISBN #  978-0-557-00589-5).  This book shows the amazing power of
intuition and belief in oneself.

Angel Justice takes one through the years before World War II and then
beyond. It shows just how wars, private and world wars, could have been

Angel Justice delves into the symbolism behind religion and can help you how  
to actualize more positive realities.

The above book is entitled:

The Secret of Life (Click "The Secret of Life" to go to Amazon.com to purchase a
ISBN-13:      978-0-557-0079-1
or ISBN-10:   0557007690)

Secret of Life is thoroughly dedicated to promoting Brotherhood and personal
power through love and understanding of yourself,  your world and the world you live
in. This book also shows the power of intuition and belief.

The powerful concepts in this book show how peace and equality in your life and in
the world that you know is possible and within your grasp.

The Secret of Life explores political and psychological methods of changing the social
and political landscape in ways never given serious consideration before.

The concepts of the Secret of Life if utilized correctly may be able to give each person
a greater sense of protection in their world.
The Secret of Life
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(For qualified students) in different subjects including:

The Inner Senses

Reincarnation: Have you lived before?  Will you live
again? How can you find out?

Self Protection against scams and violence (based upon
the concepts of Angel Justice and The Secret of Life.

Global Climate Change and Brotherhood

Has Christ Returned?
Books by Loren Christian
Lecture Series
Lectures based upon the above books including the
following topics:

Creating peace in your life and in the world

Does God exist?...and why should we care?

Using the Inner Senses to better your relationships and
provide protection and find the greater self of you.

Has Christ Returned?
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lives of all people
“Enjoyed this approach to protection—not being
physical. Sorry to see more people not taking advantage
of this type of concept to protection.

“Interesting-how to think of ways out of a situation”

“Beneficial to help oneself to anticipate and therefore be
more prepared for self-protection.”

“New ideas, fresh approach”

“Intend to share whole thing with my daughter with other
women. Will think about the whole thing it terms     of my
own life”
Below, are what some lecture attendees have said about the methods and concepts based
upon the concepts in the books, Angel Justice   and The Secret of Life.
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The Secret of Life Lectures
Mission Statement
of  Life
The Secret of Life Website is dedicated to the promotion of Brotherhood across the
planet. The books and lectures on this website are designed bring out peace and equality on
the planet. This is a concept that has been longed for by the planet, and can be actualized.

Combating Terrorism, War and Violence
A series will begin on this website to combat terrorism and War. Part of that is understanding how some world leaders
say that they are for peace, but their words and actions betray a different story.

One such person is
Jimmy Carter.  Click here to find out more about Jimmy Carter and
his so called "quest for peace".
We will be showing here how some so-called "World Leaders" may be leading the world into war while claiming that they
stand for peace.
The Dalai Lama's Nazi War Criminal Friend, Dr. Bruno Beger of Hitler's SS Death Sqaud
Is Jimmy Carter a Nazi Sympathizer?

Jimmy Carter taking money from hate groups
The Dalai Lama's Nazi Friend and Confidant, Heinrich Harrer of Hitler's SS Death Squad
The Dalai Lama's Neo-Nazi Friend, Miguel Serrano, Head of the Chilean Nazi Party
Has Christ Returned?
Loren Christian was a regular class member of the early
Seth-Jane Robert's-Robert Butts, ESP Class in the
1970's. In the early 1970's, Seth has stated that Christ
had been reborn in our time, (but has not yet appeared).
Find out what Seth said about Christ's return. Explore the
evidence of his (her) return to Earth in our time.
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Professional Tutoring
Professional Tutoring available for courses in
Religion, Philosophy, History, Mathematics,
Physics, Chemistry, Engineering as well as
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Reincarnation (and
the Dalai Lama)